About Alastair McKenzie

alastairmckenzieI'm a travel journalist with one foot in traditional media and the other in social media.

I've been a radio travel journalist since 1989 and an online travel journalist since the millennium... ok, just before the millennium.

In that time I have visited over 50 countries - many of them more than once, and a few up to a dozen times (eg USA).

I am an active member of the travel blogger & social media community and a regular speaker at social media conferences.

I've been a member and webmaster of the British Guild of Travel Writers since 2001 (and on committee for most of those years).

I host a regular weekly 'live' travel Hangout on Air, TravelCoffeeBreak.com.

Oh yes, and I run the entirely fabulous (and "fiercely independent") Travel-Lists!


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