Freelance Webmaster

I work as a freelance webmaster for a number of websites, and I have been the British Guild of Travel Writers' webmaster since 2002.

I am used by companies who have websites, but not the time or understanding to maintain them, to keep them fresh and up to date.

I am not a programmer. I am an editor with technical skills.

Non-computer skills

  • Journalist: Writing articles, copy-writing, recording radio interviews
  • Editor: Commissioning print journalists, writers, photographers, and broadcasters.
  • Editing print copy, photos and video.
  • Digital audio editing (expert)

Computer Skills

  • Fluent in: HTML, XHTML, XML
  • Experienced in: CMS (Joomla!), CSS, RSS, FTP, SMIL, DHTML, SQL, JavaScript, Access, Real & Windows streaming, Photoshop.
  • Understanding of: .ASP, PHP, WAP
  • Experience in: Database management
    Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
    Domain name registration
    Host/ISP management
    Commissioning programmers
    Developing web projects

Or to put it in English..

I can re-organise your pages, add extra ones, change the layout, add data, add pictures, news, lists, etc, as you want it, when you want it. I can make your website attractive to search engines and maximise its profile on the Internet. I can create newsfeeds to bring people to your news items, and blogs (almost the same thing) to give them a behind-the-scenes view of what you are doing. I can create versions of your pages to run on mobile phones or PDAs. And I can record, edit and encode audio for podcasting and streaming.

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