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NB. Let's clear up the definitions first, because most people who make "advertising" enquiries are actually talking about getting listed. So please note, listings are editorially independent. You CANNOT pay to be listed on Travel-Lists. You can only pay to be reviewed for listing.

Many other enquiries are about guest posts "providing free content with a link". I'm sorry, I don't do that either.

There are three commercial opportunities on Travel-Lists:

  1. Display Advertising
  2. Section Sponsorship
  3. Fast-Track Lists


1) Display Advertising

If you are interested in display advertising, then there are two options:

1) Affiliate ads through one of my prefered networks (go direct to them)...

  1. Tradedoubler
  2. Affiliate Window (£)
  3. Commission Junction
  4. TourCMS
  5. Affilinet

(I am not looking for any more affiliate ad networks.)

2) Bespoke display ads (Impressions or Clicks). Here are my current rates...

Sizes (px)PositionAd rate (CPM)
Ad rate (CPM)
Ad rate (CPC)
Ad rate (CPC)
468 x 60 Top £9.50 £10.00 £0.38 £0.39
160 x 600, 120 x 600 Left £8.50 £9.00 £0.38 £0.39
120 x 600 Right £9.00 £9.50 £0.38 £0.39
200 x 200 Content Right £5.50 £6.00 £0.38 £0.39
120 x 120, 125 x 125,
120 x 249
Content Right £3.25 £3.50 £0.38 £0.39
120 x 60 Content Right £0.50 £0.75 £0.38 £0.39


  • There are no adverts on the home page.
  • All ads may be in rotation with other stock.
  • CPM = Cost Per Mille (thousand impressions).
  • CPC = Cost Per Click.
  • Flash/Javascript ads impact server speed and cost slightly more.



2) Sponsorship

I use an editorially independent sponsorship model, a bit like sponsoring a TV series, where the content (an individual post) is not sponsored, the container (section/series) is.

On Travel-Lists there are two sponsorable sections:

  1. Travel News - Sponsors have a 468 x 60 banner ad at the top of the page OR a skyscraper (120 or 160 x 600) on the left hand side (non-exclusive), PLUS a sponsor statement with the words: "Travel Articles/Travel News kindly sponsored by " + a text name/logo link* located below the body of the post.
  2. Travel Articles - Sponsors have an exclusive 468 x 60 banner ad at the top of the page and a sponsor information box in the left hand navigation panel. The info box has the words Travel Articles are sponsored by followed by a linkable logo (120px wide) and up to 60 words. The text may contain two links*.

Prices for sponsoring posts are as follows:

  1 month3 months6 months12 months
Travel Articles ** (Twice monthly) £300 £864 £1,710 £3,240
Travel News (Daily***) £180 £518 £1026 £1944

* All sponsor text links have the 'nofollow'' attribute set.

** I commission pro travel bloggers/writers to write these. The sponsorship rate reflects this.

*** There's usually at least one new item daily on weekdays and weekends.



3) Fast-Track Lists

Not really "advertising", but the ability to Fast-Track list creation (for lists that don't yet exist) may be an attractive option for some destination and other marketing organisations.

For example...

  • A national tourist office might pay to create a list of 'agritourism' hotels in its country
  • A regional or local tourism organisation in the Alps might want to promote a list of local ski schools
  • A city might initiate a list of its tourist attractions

You cannot dictate who/what gets listed - that remains 'editorial' - but you can make suggestions.

The fee for a Fast-Tracked List is currently £495 based on an average list size of 20 - 30 entries.

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