Big Change Coming for British Drivers Hiring a Car

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A change to the UK Drivers License in June could make hiring a car a little tricky.

The UK driving license currently consists of two parts: the driver ID card and the paper log of points & endorsements. After 8th June the paper part will be dropped. The up-to-date record of points & endorsements will be kept only on the Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) database.

This is going to cause some potential headaches when it comes to renting a vehicle because rental companies currently check the paper log on collection to confirm that the driver is eligible.

To handle this, the DVLA are launching a system called “Share my Driving Licence”. It’s an online service that enables the driver to download an access code, which he/she can then give to ‘interested parties’ eg. a new employer, or a rental company, so they can check the DVLA database online.



The access code only works for 72 hours.

So drivers will have to remember to get the code, just before they will need it for the pick-up.

That means, last-minute, on-the-spur-of-the-moment decisions to rent a car will only work if you can get online at the time to get your code, and if you get your code before setting off for somewhere far distant, say New Zealand, you’ll want to pick up your rental quickly, before the code runs out!

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It’s not impossible. It just means being organised, but you can be sure there will be long queues at car rental receptions in June when the people who don’t know about the change turn up!

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  1. Matthew says:

    This sounds like such a hassle :(

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