Some hotels and B&Bs have been built on sites where caves and underground spaces can be used for guest rooms and public rooms, or converted from troglodyte cave dwellings. These are some of the cave hotels we are aware of.
Cappadocia, Turkey
The Cappadocia region is known for its weird chimney-like rock formations and cave churches. It started with a series of huge volcanic eruptions around 30 million years ago that laid a thick layer of ash which was then compressed by lava flows. Erosion by wind and water created the bizzare landscape from this soft ash-rock (called 'tufa'). Around the 5th century AD the area was populated by Christians who dug a network of cave-dwellings, churches, hermit cells and other spaces in the rock pinnacles.
Ataman Hotel Göreme, Cappadocia Hotel in the centre of Göreme village with several cave rooms and a cave bar.
Cappadocia Cave Suites Göreme, Cappadocia Boutique hotel in Goreme with 18 elegantly decorated cave rooms and suites.
Gamirasu Cave Hotel Ayvali, Cappadocia Eighteen-room troglodyte cave hotel in Ayvali village, formerly an ancient Byzantine monastery.
Kayadam Cave Hotel Ürgüp, Cappadocia Six-room cave hotel and villa just outside Ürgüp.
Legend Cave Hotel Göreme, Cappadocia Twelve-room cave hotel in Göreme.
Museum Hotel Uchisar, Cappadocia Luxury boutique cave hotel, called "museum" because the owner is a collector of antiquities.
Village Cave, The Cavusin, Cappadocia Small cave hotel in Cavusin with 6 rooms built into the rock face.
Yunak Evleri Ürgüp, Cappadocia Luxurious and expansive cave hotel with a combination of six cave houses with a total of 27 private cave rooms dating back to the 5th and 6th centuries, plus a 19th century Greek Mansion.
Rest of the World
Alexander Hotel Santorini, Greece Stylish boutique hotel on the island of Santorini with four traditional whitewashed cave houses.
Beckham Creek Cave House Arkansas, USA Secluded cave house with large rooms (big enough to hold a party or wedding) on an estate in the Ozark Mountains.
Cuevas Al Jatib Andalucia, Spain Troglodyte cave hotel in Granada. (There's an English version of the website, but if you want to get the interactive map to work, look at the Spanish version! -Ed)
Cuevas Pedro Antonio de Alarcón Andalucia, Spain An apart-hotel in the troglodyte town of Guadix.
Desert Cave Hotel Coober Pedy, Australia Underground guest rooms, shops, bar and other public areas dug out of the sandstone.
Hautes Roches, Les Loire, France Four-star Relais & Chateau hotel & restaurant built into a cliff-face near Tours.
Kokopelli's Cave New Mexico, U.S.A Cliffside luxury B&B cave dwelling carved out 21 metres below ground. No website but you can see it here
Hotel Sidi Driss Matmata, Tunisia Made famous as Luke Skywalker's below-ground home on Tatooine in the Star Wars movies, Hotel Sidi Driss has a number of troglodyte cave rooms, but it doesn't have a website. Do a search there are plenty of reviews and film websites with pictures and info.
Sala Silvermine Sala, Sweden The Mine Suite at Sala Silvermine, is supposedly the world's deepest bedroom at 155m under the surface. Guests get a tour of the galleries and caverns before being left for the night...with an intercom, if you change your mind! There are rooms on the surface too. Video.


  • Grotto Bay Beach Resort on Bermuda has a function room in a 500,000 year-old underground cave in the cliff face.
  • Unusual Hotels of the World have a cave hotel section and handle bookings for many of the hotels in this list.
  • Island Outpost's The Caves resort perched on top of a rocky headland in Jamaica has a small dining room in a grotto under the cliffs.
  • Grotta Giusti is an elegant spa hotel in Tuscany, Italy. Its rooms are above ground but the thermal spa itself is in a large cave.
  • The Loire Valley has a number of troglodyte hamlets carved into the chalk cliffs. The privately-owned Bakers Cottage and St Martin's cave are two cave dwellings that can be rented as self catering or B&B accommodation through Owners in France Ref: VC001261.

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