These are consumer websites where travellers post tips, reviews, advice, complaints and comments on holiday companies, hotels, airlines, etc. Useful for those of us who are following in their footsteps.

Obviously, Travel Lists has nothing to do with these sites or what is published on them. Cruise ship reviews. Cruise news site with ship reviews.
Gridskipper Gridskipper collects blog reviews and newsfeed review articles like a magpie and then arranges them so you can select a city and get an eclectic mix of up-to-date travellers opinions on it.
Holidays Uncovered Real life reviews of the most popular holiday companies, their destinations and their accommodation. Busy and well-supported hotel review site. It's an American site so the majority of properties reviewed are in the USA, but it is global. Traveller reviews and tips for over 4,000 destinations worldwide. Holiday and hotel reviews and guides submitted by the public, for the public.
RealHoliday Thousands of hotel, villa and apartment reviews written by people who stayed there.
Travelblog Not so much 'reviews' as just a sense of being there. Travelblog organises travel journals, blogs, diaries and photos by destination. Start by clicking on the map. If not the best-known travel review site, probably the most popular. It claims to have almost 2½ million reviews on hotels, attractions, resorts and restaurants.
Zoom & American site offering hotel review video clips taken by travellers. They say (Jan 06) they have the internet's largest collection of traveller-submitted videos - 10,000 clips offering reviews and insider advice about worldwide destinations - but they take the search engine-friendly / user-unfriendly approach of publishing empty category pages, which makes it look much more comprehensive than it is.


  • Worldhum is an excellent collection of travel articles from professional journalists, semi-pro writers, and would-be travel writers. Not technically a 'review site' and not organised by destination, but if you put say 'Barcelona' into the search field on the front pages you will get a selection of articles about visiting Barcelona... and maybe some that go nowhere near Barcelona but just happen to mention a waiter or somebody from there!

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