These are 'Seventh Freedom' (airline industry jargon) bike holiday companies. IE tour operators from a third country (most often Australia, New Zealand or the USA) taking British riders to another country.

NB. You may not enjoy the same level of financial security and protection if things go wrong when you book directly with an overseas company.
A2Z Adventures Portuguese cycle touring specialist with tours in Portugal (obviously) Spain, Italy, Turkey, Romania, The Himalayas and South America (Patagonia).
BikeHike Vancouver based operator. They specialise in adventure bikes tours in 'off the beaten track' places all over the world.
Ciclismo Classico Cycling tours in destinations worldwide. They are based in Tuscany and Boston, USA. The bulk of their clients are Americans but Andrew Conway at their Boston office says "We love booking Britons on our tours! I lived in the UK for years and still get homesick".
Experience Plus American cycle tour specialist with a huge range of gentle, hard and themed cycle tours worldwide.
Jacqtours A cycling tours specialist based in Singapore, Jacqtours designs customized road-biking holidays for those who like to "ride hard & live well". Former London barrister & cycling enthusiast, Jacq Tan, crafts cycling tours in mostly far East destinations including Taiwan, Japan & Philippines.
Rotalis German tour operator that has been operating escorted group cycling tours in Europe for 30 years. They are featuring cycle tours in Germany & Austria, France, Spain, Switzerland, Portugal, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Poland and the Baltic States.
Spice Roads star Bangkok-based specialist bicycle tour operator with a wide selection of tours to Asia - particularly SE Asia (Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, China, Philippines, Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia & Malaysia) but also Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan and the Himalayas.
Velociped German cycle tour specialist with a huge range of tours for all kinds of rider in most European countries, and a few further afield.


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