These are UK-based tour operators and specialist travel agencies offering dance holidays.
Club Dance Holidays 01293 527722 Don't be confused. They've renamed themselves from simply 'Dance Holidays', but they are still the best known specialist dance operator offering something somewhere for everyone. Ceroc, Salsa, Tango, Jive, etc, in Spain, France, Cuba, etc. Lots of choice, lots of action!
Cuba Salsa Holidays 020 7498 7671 One of those 'what it says on the tin' companies! They offer salsa dance holidays in Cuba with Cuban dance coaches. 0844 502 0445 GoLearnTo is an online agency specialising in learning holidays (languages, surfing, photography, cooking, etc) including dance holidays in Spain (where you can learn Spanish & Tango at the same time) and Turkey (Belly dancing).
HF Holidays 0845 470 7558 The well-known walking holiday specialists, HF Holidays, run a programme of dance short breaks at UK Country Houses.
Spirit of Cape Verde 07967 204891 A dancing and cultural holiday in Cape Verde, with flights via Lisbon.
Vamos Cuba 07595 546582 Pound sign Cuba specialist offering salsa, music & dance holidays.
Why Don't You... 0845 838 6262 Special interest holidays division of WEXAS, the longstanding and well-known holiday club. WDY has a number of dance holidays and courses in its programme.



  • There are a number of dance event organisers in the UK that host dance weekends and competitions, eg. Ceroc; JiveLive; Mr Wonderful Dancing.
  • Also, take a look at UK Jive for a comprehensive view of classes and events in the world of Jive, Ceroc, LeRoc, & Lindy-hop.
  • CerocMetro, the North London Ceroc branch/franchise, runs an annual flotilla sailing holiday called Dance & Sail.
  • Dance & Ski, is an annual event for over 200 skiers who love to dance, or is that 'dancers who love to ski'.
  • Karamba World music drum and dance courses held at a campsite ("Drumcamp") in East Anglia.
  • Suzi French runs Belly Dancing holidays in Turkey.
  • Travel for the Arts has a programme of visits to ballet performances.

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