These are UK-based operators and sports companies specialising in hunting and fishing holidays.
Aardvark McLeod 01980 847389 star(Let's face it, they are never going to be anywhere but at the top of the list with a name like this! The Aardvark part comes from their sister-brand, Aardvark safaris.) Longstanding fly-fishing specialists offering bespoke travel to destinations worldwide. Fishing doesn't get much more glamorous than this!
Angling Travel 01263 761602 Worldwide fishing holidays in popular (Sweden) and exotic (Mongolia) locations. Ten years old in 2004.
Chaka Travel 028 9023 2112 Game fishing in the Indian Ocean and freshwater fishing for the Tiger fish in the Zambezi River & the Nile perch in Lake Nasser.
Go Fishing Worldwide 020 8742 1556 Freshwater and saltwater fishing trips all over the world.
Kings Angling Holidays 01708 453043 Sea fishing, course fishing and game fishing in Ireland, Austria and Cyprus.
Roxtons Field Sports 01488 683 222 Fishing and shooting specialists. They offer salt-water, freshwater and blue-water fishing in exotic locations all over the world, such as Tierra del Fuego, Panama, Iceland, Montana, Russia and India. They offer shooting trips in Europe, Argentina, Morocco, Kenya and South Africa. Formerly known as 'Roxton Bailey Robinson Worldwide' they have now been split off from 'Bailey Robinson' which specialises in luxury holidays worldwide.
Wild and Exotic 01439 748401 Fresh and saltwater fishing from the Zambezi to the Bahamas. Hunting in France, bird shooting in Kenya, partridge shooting in Spain.
Worldwide Fishing Safaris 01733 271123 Fishing holidays as wide afield as Gabon, Dubai, Namibia, Seychelles, Mauritius, Tobago, Venezuela, Canada, Bahamas, Mexico, Guatemala, South Africa, Mozambique, Botswana and Cuba. They cater for fishing enthusiasts who just want a family holiday with a couple of days fishing, as well as mad-for-it sports anglers who want to spend every available hour with a rod in their hand.


    • Dordogne Hunting Perhaps a slightly extreme option for British hunting enthusiasts still in 'cold turkey'. Go riding with hounds in France.
    • Club Scandinavia started in 1980 organising game shooting trips in Swedish Lapland. Now they offer hunting and fishing for all species in the Scandinavian hunting and fishing calendars.
    • African Angler is an Egypt-based specialist offering big game fresh water fishing safaris on Lake Nasser, which is on the River Nile in Southern Egypt.
    • Haven Holidays point out that they have well-stocked fishing lakes at several Haven parks around the UK, that get nice and peaceful (and cheap) when the kids are back at school!

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