Online Agencies

There is a kind of logic behind the way I've arranged these Online Agency lists, though this is such a blurry area, there is bound to be a bit of crossover between definitions. So I won't pretend it holds up to vigorous scrutiny!

First of all I've drawn a distinction between Online Travel Agents (OTAs) and Travel Agents Online.

I'm thinking of OTAs as those brands who are primarily online and have created a distinct online brand, eg. or, which may have started out as a bricks & mortar shop (Flightbookers) on Tottenham Court Road in London, but is firmly a standalone online brand. As opposed to, say,, which I view as the online POP (Point of Presence) of the physical high street chain.

Then there are a couple of niches...

There's the Online Accommodation specialists; all those sites that sell "distressed stock" for the hotels like, or, who clearly share a porous border with Price Comparison Sites like And there's the Specialist Online Travel Agencies where I list all the other online brands that specialise in a particular sector, eg. (ski) or

Someone missing?

You cannot submit a website for this list but you can suggest one for me to look at.

Sometimes a simple list works best for inspiration!

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