These are local travel agents, companies operating tours and excursions, transport, and other travel & tourism related companies in Syria, that might be of interest to independent British travellers.

NB. Syria has been off limits for the last 5+ years, and I can't see it becoming safe any time soon. Maybe one day, in which case some of these companies may re-surface, but double check the  latest Foreign Office travel advice.
Abinos Travel Longstanding operator and agency offering a wide selection of tours and adventures in Syria.
Adonis Travel Regional operator/agency with an office in Damascus. Particularly useful if you are planning on combining a tour with neighbouring countries IE Lebanon and Jordan.
Ancient World Tours A range of tours in Syria and the region.
Ashkar Travel Specialise in religious tours in Syria
Atlantic International A selection of themed tours with guides for groups and individual travellers including wilderness adventures, archaeological trips, student study tours, and religious sites.
Cham Palaces & Hotels Luxury hotel and tour operator in Syria.
Cyrrhus Travel & Tourism Regional tour operator/agency offering tours in Syria (and Lebanon & Jordan).
Danit Travel & Tourism Local operator/agency based in Damascus and covering the region.
Jasmin Tours Damascus-based tour operator.
Nawafir Travel & Tours Tailor-made tours throughout Syria.
Sherazad Travel Local travel agency and tour operator offering tours and travel services in Syria (and Lebanon & Jordan).
Soufan Travel Tours for groups and individual travellers including golf and religious tours.

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