These are local travel agents, companies operating tours and excursions, local hotels & accommodation, transport, and other travel & tourism related companies in Norway, that might be of interest to independent British travellers.

NB. You may not enjoy the same level of financial security and protection if things go wrong when you book directly with an overseas company.
Barents Safari Summer and winter range of adventure tours by snowmobile, dog-sled, reindeer sleigh, ice-breaker, and river boat into the remote northern region around Kirkenes bordered by Russia and Finland
AE Tours General travel agency offering inbound travel services.
Alta Tours Day tours, excursions and adventure tours in the Finnmark region (Noerthern Norway).
Din Tur Hunting & fishing holidays in Norway.
Fjord Steamers Small cruise line specialising in classic (old-fashioned) ship cruising among the fjords
Fjord Tours Bergen-based tour company offering a terrific range of tours, both escorted and for independent travellers, throughout Norway by road, rail, ship and bicycle. AKA 'Norway in a Nutshell'.
Fjord Travel Travel agency with an extensive range of tours and cruises around the fjords of Norway.
Freebike Norway Biking and activity holidays in Norway.
Norges Booking Mountain and coastal holiday home rental company.
Pluscamps Network of campsites and cottages throughout Norway.
Rica Hotels Hotel group with over 90 hotels in Norway and Sweden. Sadly their website doesn't have an English version yet.
Rondeheim The Norwegian Mountain School, offers a spectacular range of activities: In the summer there's Mountain walking, Lakeside camping, Swimming, Mountain climbing, Mountain biking, Rafting and paddling, Canyon exploring, Horse riding, Orientation, Summer skiing, Glacier walking, Cave expeditions, Fishing, Outdoor First Aid courses, and..... a Musk safari (Searching for the Dovrefjell musk). In the winter a complete range of winter activities is available - including downhill skiing at a nearby ski centre, though cross-country and telemark are their specialities. Rondeheim is situated 1000 metres above sea level on Høvringen in the Gudbrandsdalen valley, 30 kilometers north of Otta.
Sjoa Rafting One/two-day whitewater rafting trips
Thon Hotels Norwegian hotel chain with 59 business and leisure hotels in Norway.


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