Aliens welcome at this hotel

Written by Alastair McKenzie on 30 May 2015.

Drawing of UFO hotel, Baker, CA

Plans are afoot for the first UFO Hotel in America.

The 31-room hotel will be in the form of a full-scale alien spacecraft where guests can spend the night in alien-themed rooms and dine in an alien-themed restaurant.

Drawing of UFO Hotel interiorIt's the brainchild of Luis Ramallo, an entrepreneur in the 'alien' business, who created Alien Fresh Jerky near the infamous Area 51 in Nevada, where the intense secrecy of the U.S. Air Force base made the area a frequent subject of UFO folklore. He later moved his business to Baker in California, where he kept the alien theme for the jerky store, which now attracts over 750,000 people annually as they travel along the Las Vegas-Los Angeles Interstate.

Ramallo is raising funds for the $30 million project through investors and Kickstarter. He believes Sci-Fi fanatics globally will be keen to support the crowdfunding campaign, which will offer backers a range of UFO Hotel exclusive rewards.

Whether this spaceship gets off the ground or not, you have to admire the specs.

The UFO Hotel will have an alien-themed lobby, spa, nightclub and other attractions, such as Sci-Fi fanatics and guests getting married in alien costumes... on their favorite planet.

"It will be out of this world," Ramallo says with a laugh. "When you enter the hotel, you will feel as if you've been transported to an actual spaceship."

Alien-uniformed employees will use modern touch-screen technology to check guests in. Monitors will show scenes of activity from all around the spaceship.

As guests walk to their rooms, they will be able to twist various dials and hatch handles. If they turn the wrong one, a warning light and siren will flash, just like on an actual spaceship. There will also be unique photo-ops throughout the spacecraft with alien crew members re-charging themselves in pods.

Ramallo hopes that local earthlings will benefit too. The UFO Hotel will create as many as 100 new jobs in this withering desert town of approximately 650.

"It's going to breathe new life into this town," says Jacob Overson, General Manager of the Baker Community Services. "It's going to put Baker back on the map again. It will be a true tourist destination."

Room rates at the UFO Hotel will start at around $300 a night.

And if ET or Paul should pay our planet a return visit, they'll know there's one place they can stay, and blend in easily.

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