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New concept hotel to open in Paris

Written by Alastair McKenzie on 04 January 2017.

Yooma Hotel, Paris

Yooma, a new brand in hospitality, will inaugurate its first new concept hotel in Paris in March 2017.

"Co-living" is the new hot trend in hospitality according to tourism trend-spotters, Skift. In their look ahead at 10 hotel trends that will shape guest experience in 2017, they list 'co-living' as number one, pointing to new brands like Accor's Jo&Joe as examples where the focus is on communal spaces offering local opportunities collaboration and community.

The new 106-room Yooma Hotel has an accommodation capacity of 434 people. 80% of its rooms cater to groups of 4 to 6 people such as families, "blended families" or groups of friends. It is located on the Quai de Grenelle (Paris 15th) facing the river Seine, one kilometre from the Eiffel Tower. It will have:

  • a high quality gourmet restaurant which can seat 130 guests, open for lunch and dinner to guests and to Parisians
  • a bar-lobby-lounge
  • a cooking school
  • a market garden on the roof
  • areas for private or corporate events
  • a residence for artists
  • exhibition areas for contemporary art
  • a fitness room with a sauna.
  • bathrooms equipped with baby bathtubs
  • a kitchen on each floor is available for preparing or warming up baby food and bottles

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